ACCE SLO Requirements

How the COSC undergraduate program coordinator approached the University and ACCE SLO requirements and program?


  • DATE: Wednesday, April 22, 2015
  • Time: 3:00pm - 5:00pm
  • Location: Hilton Hotel in College Station, TX
  • Cost of the Seminar: $50


ACCE construction program accreditation requires that 21 Student Learning Outcomes are measured on a regular basis and report findings and action to improve the courses.  On top of that most if not all universities are also requiring a different but complimentary set of Student Learning Outcomes be equally measured but on an annual basis.  Dr. Solis of COSC program will be sharing the thoughts and processes created to satisfy both, the results received this past semester and some ideas on where we are going as reporting requirements evolve and change.  Dr. Solis has worked extensively with the Office of Institutional Assessment and we are privileged to have Ms.  Bledsoe, OIA Program Coordinator, who will share her experience related to quality assessment practices and the role of faculty and administrators in assessment.  Quality data and assessment practices are instrumental in informing continuous improvement.

This workshop will be facilitated by Dr. José L. Fernández-Solís and Ms. Elizabeth Bledsoe.


Dr. José L. Fernández-Solís

Dr. Fernandez-Solis, as the COSC Department’s Undergraduate Program Coordinator, is in charge of the current Student Learning Outcome Assessment program among other duties which are in line with current university requirements and directions.   He teaches Interdisciplinary and Commercial Capstone for graduating seniors, Sustainable Construction practices for graduate students and Lean Construction for both undergraduate and graduate students.  Dr. Fernández-Solís is the recipient of the Tom Regan Interdisciplinary Prize, a Faculty Senator for the College of Architecture and member of Aggie Honors Council at Texas A&M University.


Elizabeth Bledsoe, M.A.

Elizabeth C. Bledsoe is a Program Coordinator in the Office of Institutional Assessment at Texas A&M University, where she regularly consults with faculty and staff to design, implement, and maintain assessment plans for their degrees and programs. Prior to her role at Texas A&M, Elizabeth received her MA in Educational Policy and Leadership Studies from the University of Iowa, and has also served as an assessment assistant and program reviewer at Johns Hopkins University.


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